Redlands has a long history of both indigenous and settler history. The Quandamooka people have lived on the land, islands and seas for more than 18,000 years. The Redlands has 220km of coastline, that’s more than the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast combined!!! Additionally it has:
- over 1700 native species of plants and animals
- 40% of the land as protected green space
- 11,906 boat registrations (one of the highest concentrations in Australia), 58 canoe and kayak launch points, 23 boat ramps and 15 jetties
- Redlands is a city of villages and islands

Taking all of the above into account, Redland City Council has been working on building an identity for a destination brand for Redland City. Throughout 2017, we have been consulting with Redland City residents and businesses on how they feel about the area and what makes the place unique. The ideas you will see in this survey have been inspired by the suggestions and feedback we have received from the initial rounds of consultation. This survey is a second phase of the ongoing community consultation.

We appreciate your contribution to this consultation process. This survey should take 15 minutes to complete. Participation is voluntary, confidential and anonymous and all survey data will be collated and reported. Data collected will only be used to shape identity for a destination brand for Redland City. A summary of the survey results will be published on the Redlands Council Website.
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